Middle School Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Moon Phases and Eclipses

    Use these fun flashcards to memorize moon-related terms including the moon's different phases and eclipses.

  • Pangea

    Social studies and science students can learn about pangea, an important theory about the formation of the earth and its continents.

  • How do Tides Work?

    Ever wonder what makes the ocean tide come in and out? With this worksheet, your student will learn how the tides work!

  • Desert Ecosystem

    Give your student a fun reading page and word search, filled with fun facts all about the Earth's desert ecosystem.

  • Grasslands Ecosystem

    Give your student a great Earth Science study tool, complete with a list of fun facts and a word search all about the grasslands.

  • Tropical Ocean Ecosystem

    Did you know that Earth's oceans are split into three separate ecosystems? The tropical ocean ecosystem is home to tropical fish, coral reefs, and warm water!

  • Tundra Ecosystem

    This worksheet is all about the tundra. Give your student some fun facts and reading about the ecosystem of the Arctic.

  • Tropical Rainforest

    Learn about world ecosystems with a fun and informative worksheet! This one is all about the tropical rainforest.

  • Mountains Ecosystem

    Learn all you need to know about our purple mountain's majesty with this fun ecosystems sheet!

  • Lunar Terms Flashcards

    Earth science students, memorize moon vocabulary terms with these stellar flashcards.

  • Paraphrasing: Sedimentary Rock

    Here's a chance for your child to practice paraphrasing, and have a quick geology lesson too! He'll re-write this passage using his own words.

  • Polar Ocean Ecosystem

    Did you know that tons of wildlife can thrive in below freezing temperatures? Learn about the polar ocean ecosystem with this fun sheet!

  • Temperate Forest

    Did you know when a plant is "coniferous" it means it has needles for leaves? The temperate forest ecosystem is full of these! Learn more with this fun sheet.

  • Shoreline Ecosystem

    Who knew that the beach had its own diverse ecosystem? Learn all about the shoreline ecosystem with this fun worksheet!

  • Taiga Ecosystem

    This huge ecosystem's name "taiga" comes from the Russian word for "forest". Learn all about the taiga with this fun worksheet!

  • Temperate Rainforest

    Did you know there are temperate rainforests all along the west coast of the U.S.? Learn about this cooler rainforest ecosystem with this fun sheet!

  • Chapparal Ecosystem

    Have you ever heard of the chapparal ecosystem? Learn all about this dry, Mediterranean ecosystem with this fun sheet!