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  • Examples of Preposition Words

    It's a coloring page, it's a reading exercise, and examples of prepositions, all in one!

  • Drawing Prepositions

    Under, over, up! Drawing prepositions gives kids a boost with vocabulary, reading and grammar skills.

  • How to Draw a Snowflake

    Did you know every snowflake is unique? This drawing worksheet will teach you how to draw a snowflake, no matter what season it is.

  • How to Draw a Bird

    Let your inner artist fly with this step-by-step drawing worksheet that teaches you how to draw a blue bird on a branch. Tweet tweet!

  • Preposition Words

    How do you explain prepositions? For kids, keeping it visual and fun helps. Try this!

  • Warm and Cool Colors

    Give your child an introduction to the concept of warm and colors with this beach-themed worksheet.

  • Fun with Prepositions

    Let's look around the garden for some fun with prepositions!

  • Preposition Exercises

    During drawing and art time sneak in preposition exercises! It's easy and fun.

  • Earth Day Circle

    A great Earth Day-related fun-starter, the simple prompt is good any time of the year. What's your favorite thing in the whole wide world?

  • Vacation Picture

    Challenge him to draw some of the fun things people do on vacation. This worksheet is great for wrapping up a trip, or even preparing for an upcoming one.

  • Look Out the Window

    The world is full of amazing and unusual things. Draw what you see when you look out of the window or imagine something you'd like to see.

  • Below the Surface

    It's easy to see what's on the water. But it's a lot more fun to imagine all of the creatures swimming below the surface.