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  • Good Fortune: Chinese New Year Printable

    Welcome Chinese New Year with this fun craft activity. Help your 3rd grader color and cut out the Chinese character for good fortune for lunar new year.

  • Calligraphy Writing

    Every artsy kid goes through a calligraphy phase. Have some fun with this mini calligraphy lesson and practice page!

  • Design a State Quarter

    Run out of state quarters to collect? Design your own with this fun worksheet!

  • Universal Symbols

    Despite language barriers, there are some universal symbols that the whole world can understand. Can you think of some more to add to this list?

  • Christmas in Summer

    Did you know that in Australia, December 25th is actually during the summer? Imagine if we celebrated Christmas during the summer!

  • Hobo Symbols

    Believe it or not, hobos have been a part of our culture since this nation's birth. Read about the glyphs and symbols that hobos used to use to communicate.

  • The Difference Between a Circle and an Ellipse

    Use this trick to draw an ellipse and draw a circle without a compass, and you'll quickly see the difference between a circle and an ellipse.

  • How to Draw a Teapot

    This installment of our How to Draw series hones artistic skills and teaches math concepts at the same time.

  • Old Glory: The Flag

    Kids learn about this national treasure by researching and drawing the flag, then compare Old Glory to more modern iterations of the stars and stripes.