Fourth Grade Social Studies Civics Government Worksheets


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  • Learn About Your State

    Do you know your state? Challenge yourself with this worksheet, and try to answer the 13 trivia questions about your state.

  • The Constitution

    Check out this cool constitution worksheet that introduces kids to the Constitution of the United States.

  • Read the Star Spangled Banner

    Jump into the lyrics of the U.S. national anthem with a reading comprehension worksheet. Kids read the song, and then draw a picture to illustrate it.

  • Follow the Law: How a Bill Gets Passed

    Help your fourth grader learn about the legislative process with this worksheet, which challenges him to follow the path of a law in the making.

  • The Bill of Rights

    Kids learn about the Bill of Rights with this illuminating 3-page worksheet that paraphrases the amendments into easily understandable English.

  • United States Word Search

    Challenge your young citizen to find the names of national treasures, historical buildings, and more in this United States word search!

  • President Word Search

    When presidential hopefuls are out on the campaign trail, certain words always seem to pop up. Try to find these campaign buzzwords in this word search.

  • Play the Presidents Day Super-Scramble!

    Presidents are people, too! Get to know all 43 presidents with this fun and challenging word-scramble activity.

  • Presidential Crossword

    This puzzle, part of our upcoming A Day in the Life of the President workbook, will boost vocabulary skills and reinforce important social studies concepts.

  • Amendments 11-27

    Kids research the constitutional amendments that were added after the Bill of Rights with this cool worksheet.

  • International Etiquette

    This worksheet, part of our upcoming A Day in the Life of the President workbook, helps refine knowledge manners that change from culture to culture.

  • United States Postcards #5

    Get a taste of local history and culture for each of the 50 U.S. states! Kids can learn some fun facts about each state as they color these vintage postcards.

  • 4th Grade Spelling Test: Hail to the Chief

    Put your child in command of her vocabulary with this presidentially-themed spelling test especially for 4th graders.

  • The Campaign Trail

    This critical thinking worksheet, part of our upcoming A Day in the Life of the President workbook, challenges kids to plain their own campaign tour!

  • Write Your Congressman

    A wonderful way for your future voter to express his freedom and flex his writing skills is by penning a letter to a leader.

  • Presidential Decisions: Cake or Pie?

    The president has to make many tough decisions, but this might be the toughest. Choose a national dessert and answer the age-old question: cake or pie?

  • President's Schedule

    Think being president is an easy job? Take a look at the various things you could do as president, and make yourself a schedule.

  • Lincoln Memorial Fun Facts

    What do you know about the Lincoln Memorial? Take this short quiz. If you're not sure about an answer, make your best guess.

  • Security Briefing

    Play the role of the president and make the tough decisions about security around the nation. What will you do about computer hackers and jewelry thieves?

  • Letter to the President

    Play the role of the president and respond to the leader of a country in poverty.

  • Poll Results

    Imagine you were the U.S. president and decide where to stand on controversial issues. You can't please all the people all the time!

  • Old Glory: The Flag

    Kids learn about this national treasure by researching and drawing the flag, then compare Old Glory to more modern iterations of the stars and stripes.

  • Presidential Portrait

    If you were president of the USA, what would you want your portrait to look like? Draw it on this worksheet and join the company of some famous presidents.

  • Presidential Press Conference

    Think mom is mean? Try the media! With this worksheet, your kid can pretend to be president and answer the tough questions the press has for him.