Fourth Grade Science Life Science Worksheets


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  • Life Science Crossword: Plant and Animal Cells

    Kids learn important plant and animal cell vocabulary as they plug the words into their correct spots and complete the puzzle.

  • Food Chain Pyramid

    Get familiar with this food chain pyramid, from carnivores and herbivores to producers and decomposers; each group has a role.

  • Anatomy of a Flower

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I know the parts of a flower, how about you? Learn all the parts of a flower with this colorful worksheet.

  • Greenhouse Effect Diagram

    Global warming is a serious issue in our world today. Help your child understand how it works with this greenhouse effect coloring worksheet.

  • Animal Tracks Guide

    Next time you head outside for a hike or a camping trip, little adventurers can bring along this checklist of animal tracks to log what they find!

  • Energy Pyramid

    An energy pyramid is a simple way to graphically show how energy flows in an ecological community; somewhat similar to the food pyramid.

  • Ocean Food Chain

    There's a lot happening beneath the waves, including the ocean food web. Take a closer look with this colorful printable.

  • Endangered Species: Amur Leopard

    There are many endangered species all around the world. Read about the Amur leopard and why it's endangered with this information page.

  • Human Digestion

    Budding biologists can learn all about human digestion with this information page, complete with a diagram of the digestive system.

  • Dinosaur Word Search

    Is your child delighted by dinosaurs? If so, he's sure to love this word search filled with hidden dinosaur vocabulary.

  • Introduction to Food Chains

    Children will learn important facts about food chains in these worksheets.

  • Charles Darwin Biography

    Meet Charles Darwin, the man responsible for the theory of evolution and many other revolutionary scientific discoveries.

  • Plant Vocabulary

    Does your budding biologist know his plant parts? Get a great review of some important plant vocabulary with this info page.

  • Brain Boost II: Memory Matters

    Challenge your child' memory skills with this colorful worksheet. This fun printable will help with memorization skills and spatial awareness.

  • How the Heart Works

    Learn the ins and outs of one of the body's most important organs: the heart!

  • Rainforest Food Chain

    Explore the circle of life! This beautiful worksheet shows the web of animals who live in the rainforest. Help complete the circle by filling in the arrows.

  • Endangered Species: Komodo Dragon

    For your budding environmentalist, here is an information sheet on a well-known endangered species, the Komodo dragon!

  • Blood

    Dive deep into your body's circulatory system with this worksheet on blood and what it's made of.

  • Biome Sweet Biome

    Ecosystems are an important part of fourth grade science. This fun printable will help your child with her knowledge of plants and animals.

  • All About Alligators

    How many teeth does an alligator have? Find out with this fun worksheet, dedicated to teaching you and your child all about alligators!

  • Jane Goodall Biography

    Jane Goodall has devoted her life to studying animals in the wild. This worksheet should spark an interest in research and recording in kids who love animals.

  • Endangered Species: Spectacled Bear

    Help your child understand why it's so important to take care of the environment with this info-sheet about an endangered species: the spectacled bear.

  • All About Black Widows!

    Are you afraid of spiders? Don't scream, this fun worksheet is jam-packed with interesting facts and activities, all about black widow spiders!

  • Food Chain Game

    The food chain is an important life science concept for fouth graders. This game makes it fun to learn!