Fourth Grade Science Earth Science Worksheets


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  • Find the Hidden Landform Vocabulary

    Let your child explore the vocabulary associated with Earth's landforms with this colorful word search.

  • Dust Storms

    Get swept up in this comprehensive worksheet about the awesome power of dust storms.

  • Constellation Legends

    Constellation legends are full of adventure. These worksheets focus on the constellations Perseus, Andromeda, Queen Cassiopeia and the sea monster Cetus.

  • Saturn Facts

    Learn Saturn facts with this science printable, like that it is one of the large gas planets in our solar system!

  • Stephen Hawking Biography

    Learn more about one of the most accomplished scientists of the 20th century with this worksheet about Stephen Hawking.

  • Facts About Mars

    Learn facts about Mars, the great red planet in the night sky. There is more find out about space by answering the question at the bottom of the worksheet.

  • Flowers in Love: Pollinators Word Search

    Where to flower babies come from? Use this word search to learn about the different pollinators in our environment, and how they help spread plant seeds.

  • Monsoon Science

    Learn about the science behind one of nature's most awesome spectacles: monsoons.

  • Earth Coloring Sheet

    Learn a little about our planet with an Earth coloring sheet and find out more about our travels in to space by aswering the question at the bottom of the page!

  • Space Vocabulary For Kids

    This worksheet is a quick-reference tool of space vocabulary for kids, with an exercise to use the words properly in provided sentences.

  • Astronomers For Kids

    Here's a great introduction to five famous astronomers for kids. See who got the star party started with this worksheet.

  • Jupiter Facts

    Learn Jupiter facts in this worksheet. Your child can test his knowledge of the solar system by answering the trivia question at the bottom of the page.

  • What's It Made Of?

    Searching for a worksheet to help your fourth grader with science? This printable will help him with geology.

  • Facts About Venus

    Learn facts about Venus, the planet that shines the brightest in our night sky! Then practice your knowledge of the solar system with bonus trivia at the end.

  • Rabbit Moon

    There are lots of stories around the world for the rabbit moon: a rabbit image seen in the shadows on the moon's face. Here's one for young moon-gazers!

  • Take on Tree Terms: Word Search #2

    Let your kid's knowledge of leaf vocabulary climb as high as a tall, tall tree with this fun word search.

  • Pluto Facts

    Learn about the "dwarf planet" in our solar neighborhood. There are more Pluto facts to learn, if you figure out the answer to the question on the page.

  • Geology Movers and Shakers

    Looking for a worksheet to help your kid with science? This printable will help him with his knowledge of geology.

  • Facts About Uranus

    This worksheet features Uranus facts. Did you know this planet is blue and spins on its side?

  • Scientists and Storytellers Comparison Grid

    Kids can explore ideas of storytelling and science as they fill in this comparison grid with their opinions. Start a conversation of ideas with this worksheet!

  • Neptune Facts

    Learn about the farthest planet in our solar system, Neptune. Facts include interesting bits about the vast winds that keep its surface moving!

  • What is a River?

    Learn all about rivers--how they were formed, what they're made of, and what they do for us and the planet--in this reading and science worksheet.