Fourth Grade Math Subtraction Worksheets


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  • Math Riddles: Addition and Subtraction

    This fun math worksheet gets kids to solve a tricky riddle while they practice addition and subtraction. Find out why lobsters don't share with this worksheet.

  • Math Riddles: Subtraction #1

    Find out what fills a room, but takes up no space, with this riddle and math combo worksheet. Use subtraction skills to solve the riddle on this math worksheet.

  • Math Riddles: Adding and Subtracting

    Use your addition and subtraction skills to find out the answer to a mystery riddle! This interdisciplinary worksheet helps kids build math and spelling skills.

  • Math Riddles: Add and Subtract

    Practice spelling, math, and critical thinking with this fun addition and subtraction worksheet. Solve math problems to reveal answers to riddles.

  • Math Mixed Review Part 1: Flying Through Fourth Grade

    From multi-digit subtraction to identifying prime numbers, assess each student’s mastery of a variety of fourth-grade math skills.

  • 3 Math Minutes: Subtraction

    Work out these subtraction problems before the time runs out! Your kid can put her math skills to the test with this fast-paced subtraction worksheet.

  • Math Riddles: Solve the Equation

    Math, spelling, and brain teasers come together in this fun worksheet. Solve math problems and reveal the answer to, "What did the sea say to the sand?"

  • Math Riddles: Triple Digits

    Brain teasers, math, and spelling practice are rolled into one fun worksheet. Solve addition and subtraction problems to find the riddle's answer.

  • Subtraction Riddles #1

    What do camels wear to hide from predators? And what do you call a math worksheet that includes a game? FUN!

  • Subtraction with Regrouping: Focus on the Fundamentals

    In this math exercise, have your students find the difference by using regrouping.

  • Math Riddles: Subtraction #5

    Subtract your way through these math problems, and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the answer to a tricky riddle.

  • Math Maze II

    Help your child practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and percentages with this fun math maze worksheet.

  • Math Riddles: Subtraction #2

    This math and riddle worksheet gets your kid to figure out what runs without legs. Try our subtraction worksheet for an added dose of mystery with your math.

  • Missing Digits

    Put your logic skills to the test as you add and subtract large numbers.

  • Math Riddles: Subtraction #3

    What has to be broken before it can be used? Find out the answer to this riddle and more in this fun riddle and math combination worksheet.

  • Math Riddles: Subtraction #4

    This subtraction worksheet gets your child to solve problems to answer a tricky riddle. Find out the answer to "What kind of room has no windows or doors?"

  • Subtracting Four-Digit Numbers

    Secret codes and ninjas make everything more interesting, including subtracting 4-digit numbers!

  • Be The Teacher

    Imagine you're on the other side of the classroom with this fun math worksheet.

  • Subtraction Riddles #3

    What do you call it when one lemon helps out another? Find the answer in this subtraction riddle worksheet.

  • Subtraction Riddles #2

    What kind of music do stones listen to? Solve these four-digit subtraction problems to find out.

  • Decimal Subtraction Practice #1

    Time to get down with decimals! Help your fourth grader practice subtracting decimal numbers with this worksheet.

  • Equation Puzzles

    Put your logic skills to the test with these addition and subtraction problems. Each math problem has missing digits and you must be able to fill in…

  • Decimal Subtraction Practice #2

    Get the point of decimals with this subtraction practice sheet, where your student will subtract decimal numbers up to 10.

  • Arithmetic Puzzles

    Practice addition and subtraction while honing your logic skills. Fill in the missing blanks with the correct numbers to make each equation true.