Fourth Grade Math Measurement Worksheets


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  • Graduated Cylinders

    Give your budding chemist the facts and practice she needs for measuring with graduated cylinders.

  • Unit Conversion Practice

    Get great metric unit conversion practice with printables like this! Use the ladder method to use to skip from kilometers to meters, and more.

  • Metric Ladder Method

    Metric conversions are only a hop up or down the ladder! The metric ladder method is a great, visual way to help people convert measurements.

  • Metric Length Measurement: Word Problems

    Kids practice metric length measurement with these word problems.

  • Liquid Measurement Word Problem

    This liquid measurement word problem dives into converting liquid measurements, and multiplying! This worksheet includes a liquid conversion chart.

  • Graduated Cylinder Measurements

    Sometimes measuring liquids scientifically is tricky. Give your budding scientist some practice, by reading measurements on graduated cylinder illustrations.

  • Liquid Measurement Conversion

    Get every drop of basic liquid measurement conversion! The table comes in handy for quick converting later on, too.

  • Units of Measurement

    This quiz-style worksheet is a great introduction to different units of measurement and what they are used for.

  • Temperature Conversion Formulas

    Help your child grasp the concept of Fahrenheit versus Celsius with these easy-to-learn conversion formulas.

  • Linear Measurement

    Here's multiplication practice with real world applications! Plus, memorizing this linear measurement chart will help your kid keep track of conversions.

  • Convert Pounds to Ounces

    Learn to convert ounces into pounds (and pounds to ounces) in this fun Easter worksheet.

  • Liquid Measure Conversion

    This practice sheet includes four units of liquid measure: cups, pints, quarts and gallons, for conversion practice you can count on, and cook with!

  • Measures of Time

    This worksheet is where multiplication and the calendar meet! Measures of time include the year, days and weeks.

  • Converting Hours to Seconds

    Conterting hours to seconds or seconds to minutes can be a case of doing mental math by memorizing quick facts, like that 30 minutes is 1800 seconds.…

  • Lemonade Stand Math #1

    Do some lemonade stand math in this refreshing division worksheet. When your fourth grader has finished the problems, he can relax with a glass of lemonade.

  • Metric Mass and Volume Measurement in Word Problems

    Kids convert metric mass and volume with these music-themed word problems.

  • Airport Schedule

    Practice your chart-reading skills with this real-world example: a hectic airport early in the morning!

  • Converting Yards to Feet

    Converting yards to feet never got so much practice as this printable puts up! Practice converting yards to feet, feet to yards, and even miles.

  • Reading Charts and Graphs: Subway Schedule

    Practice some real-world chart-reading with this colorful worksheet featuring the fictional San Francisco Subway system.

  • Convert Feet to Yards

    Convert feet to yards, inches to feet and back again. Filling in this chart will come in handy to answer the practice questions and memorizing the…

  • Data Chart: The Dodge City Train Station

    Give your fourth-grader some real-world chart-reading practice with a familiar data chart: a train schedule!

  • Linear Measurement Word Problem

    This linear measurement word problem is one way to to practice converting measurements between one mile, feet and yards. The word problem frames…

  • Like Clockwork!

    Looking for a worksheet to help your kid's math skills? This printable is all about solving a time-telling math puzzle.

  • Lemonade Stand Math #4

    Help your child use division and measurement skills to run a lemonade stand. Kids will find out how many gallons, quarts, and cups of lemonade they sold.