Fourth Grade Ela Writing Process Worksheets


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  • Let’s Get Writing! Character Planning

    Kids map out character development with this organizer.

  • Halloween Writing Prompts #2

    It's the zombie apocalypse! What happens next? Your child will flex his creative writing skills with this fun Halloween writing prompt, all about zombies.

  • Word Processing Basics

    Whether students are revising handwritten drafts or work that has been written on the computer, this activity will serve as a resource to help your writers understand some basic word processing tools.

  • Halloween Story

    You've never heard a ghost story like The Phantom Knight of Vandal Camp! Discover the scares, if you dare, behind this tale before writing the ending.

  • Good Ways to Start a Story

    Flex those creative writing skills by starting a story in a few different ways! Use the picture as a prompt, and use each technique to start a story.

  • Rewrite the Story

    We all know the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs, but no one has heard it from the wolf's point of view!

  • Cat Comics: Up a Tree

    Engage your fourth grader in another comic strip writing exercise with the third installment in the Adventures of A.J. and C.K. series.

  • The Worst Day Ever

    What if Friday the 13th really did cause everybody bad luck? Let your creativity jump off from here and write about the worst possible Friday the 13th.

  • Have You Ever Seen a Ghost?

    Does your creative writer love to have a spooky good time with his stories? This ghostly worksheet will get him in the spirit!

  • Starting a Story

    Starting a story can be the toughest part of writing. Help your child flex his creativity by starting the same story in six different ways!

  • Cat Comics: Ballgame Antics

    A.J. and C.K. are at a baseball game! Let your fourth grader use his big imagination to fill in the speech bubbles in this comic strip-writing adventure.

  • Scary Story Card Game

    Spin a spooky tale with a creative writing card game, perfect for a dark and creepy Halloween night around the campfire.

  • Polishing Practice 1

    Show students editing symbols that are used to polish writing before publishing. Then, have them practice editing a short story.

  • "Dear Dracula"

    Imagine if Count Dracula had an advice column! What kinds of zany advice would he give out?

  • If You Were a Superhero...

    Jump into a comic strip with this creative writing prompt. Tell a story about your life as a superhero!

  • Creative Writing for Kids: Make a Sundae

    Have a blast completing this mouth-watering writing exercise by writing down the steps you would take to create the perfect ice cream sundae.

  • Cat Comics: Campfire

    A.J. and C.K.'s camping adventure is up to your fourth grade author in this comic strip-writing adventure!

  • Peter Pan Writing

    Try rewriting a childhood favorite, Peter Pan, as if Pan was the bad guy and Captain Hook was the good guy!

  • Organize your Informational Essay: Favorite Activity

    This resource gives your students practice organizing facts and details in an informational essay or paragraph.

  • Halloween Writing Prompts #3

    Get into the spirit of Halloween, and write about your scariest experience! This writing prompt is a fun way to build grammar and vocabulary skills.

  • Retell a Story

    What if Dorothy's house had landed in New York City instead of Oz?

  • Easter Creative Writing #4

    This Easter writing prompt will get your child to think about Easter traditions and then order his thoughts by practicing structured composition.

  • Halloween Writing Prompts #4

    Beginning writers, think scary thoughts for this Halloween writing prompt! Your child will use his imagination to write about what it'd be like to be a ghost.

  • It's a Flying Baby?

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ... flying baby? Your imaginative young writer can come up with a story for this unlikely superhero.