Fourth Grade Ela Word Meaning Worksheets


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  • Review: Metaphors and Similes

    Review metaphors and similes by underlining each time Paulo uses them in his postcard to Katherine. Then, students will practice writing their own!

  • Expressions Explained

    Are you so hungry you could eat a horse? Your students will have fun identifying the examples of hyperbole and idioms in this worksheet.

  • Nonfiction Comprehension: Context Clues & Text Features

    Get ready for some active reading! As your students read through this passage, they will underline key words and reinforce their understanding of words in context.

  • All Kinds of Sounds

    Having fun with words and sounds! Extend your students’ experience with onomatopoeia by giving them words to sort and asking them to identify how an author could use specific words in their writing.

  • Shades of Meaning

    Hook your students with this vocabulary builder that encourages them to draw emojis as they explore synonyms and strengthen their emotional intelligence.

  • Abbreviations for Words

    Finish each sentence by selecting between the correct and bogus abbreviation provided.

  • Word Part of the Week: sect

    Help your students get to know a common root word with this great graphic organizer.

  • Match the Meaning

    If your students need support in matching obscure words with the deeper meaning, invite them to use the clues on this worksheet to match words and phrases with their corresponding meanings.

  • Keeping Up with Context Clues

    With this organizer, students will be able to find unfamiliar vocabulary as they read and use context clues to determine meaning.

  • Vocabulary Practice: Alphabetizing, Synonyms, and More

    This well-rounded quiz covers a range of vocabulary topics, from alphabetical order and root words to synonyms and antonyms.

  • Word Part of the Week: com

    Help your students get to know a common prefix with this great graphic organizer.

  • 4th Grade Spelling Test: At the Movies

    Your child can achieve spelling stardom with this silver screen-themed spelling test especially for 4th graders.

  • Mount Everest Vocabulary

    Match definitions with 4th grade vocabulary words as you climb the tallest mountain in the world!

  • Same Word, Two Meanings

    Expand your child's vocabulary with this creative exercise using the same word, two meanings.

  • John Muir

    Meet John Muir, the original environmentalist, in this nonfiction reading sheet.

  • Creating Compound Words

    Students will gain insight into the meaning of compound words as they break each word into its two different parts.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy

    On this worksheet, your fourth grader will read over the lyrics of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and complete fun activities relating to the song.

  • What is an Antonym?

    Get into grammar with a worksheet all about antonyms, or opposites! Your child will have to figure out which of these items are opposites.

  • Vocabulary Victories

    Use this graphic organizer to record information about vocabulary words.

  • Escape the Castle Vocabulary

    Use 4th grade vocabulary words to guide a princess out of a castle.

  • Fun with Hyperboles

    Students will become familiar with how to write a hyperbole by completing a variety of activities!

  • Synonym Word Web

    Kids find synonyms for target words in this vocabulary worksheet.

  • Valentine's Day Words

    This Valentine's Day words worksheet gets your child familiar with love-themed idioms and phrases. Learn some cool Valentine's Day words and idioms.

  • Making Sense of Idioms

    Kids complete sentences with idioms in this worksheet.