Fourth Grade Ela Spelling Worksheets


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  • Spelling and Alphabetizing #2

    Is your third grader struggling with spelling? Help him practice with this worksheet, which will also give him a change to practice alphabetizing!

  • Unscramble the Dinosaurs

    These 12 dinosaur names are all mixed up, and need a dinosaur expert to help unscramble the letters.

  • Kitchen Words

    Cook up a fun challenge for your student! This word scramble is full of kitchen words that need to be rearranged and spelled out correctly.

  • Math Word Scramble

    Give your little math whiz a wordy challenge! This word scramble will help him hone his spelling skills while reviewing common math terms.

  • Valentine's Day Wordplay

    Try to see how many words you can create from the letters in "Celebrate Valentine's Day".

  • Playground Word Scramble

    Need a playful way to practice spelling? Here's a fun challenge that will also help improve your child's sense of logic and reasoning.

  • Find that Consonant!

    Have your students look for the consonant in the word that should be doubled, circle it, and then spell it correctly.

  • Time Word Scramble

    It's time for a fun word challenge! This word scramble will help your child build her spelling skills, as well as basic problem-solving skills.