Fourth Grade Ela Reading Non Fiction Worksheets


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  • Comprehension Cards

    These printable cards give students the chance to practice using supporting evidence to identify an author’s claims.

  • Exploring Point of View: What Do You Think?

    From the topic of roller coasters to the topic of spinach, this kid-friendly worksheet guides a student in comparing his or her opinion to the opinions of the fictional character named “Jimmy.”

  • What is Biography?

    Learn all about the biography genre, including autobiography and journalism, and read some classic excerpts from its famous authors.

  • Find & Support the Main Idea: Dia de Los Muertos

    As your students complete this close reading exercise, they will learn about the Day of the Dead while practicing their active reading skills.

  • Find & Support the Main Idea: The Transcontinental Railroad

    As your students complete this close reading exercise, they will learn about the Transcontinental Railroad while practicing their active reading skills.

  • Primary Sources: Walt Disney

    Reading primary sources doesn't have to be a bore! Learn to gather information from records using data given by celebrity whom you just might know.

  • Endangered Species: Red Wolf

    Meet the red wolf, an endangered species of animal that was once very common, but in the past 50 year nearly became extinct!

  • Dust Storms

    Get swept up in this comprehensive worksheet about the awesome power of dust storms.

  • Cause and Effect Comic Strips

    During this activity, students will create cause and effect comic strips complete with captions, pictures, and speech and sound effect bubbles.

  • Chocolatey Facts and Opinions

    In this yummy exercise, students will differentiate between statements of fact and opinion as they read all about chocolate!

  • Using Pictures in Nonfiction

    From the text and pictures on this worksheet, your students will learn about Australia and kangaroos while strengthening their reading comprehension skills.

  • Women in History: Dolley Madison

    Learn about first Lady Dolley Madison with this history worksheet, complete with some reading comprehension exercises.

  • Timeline Organizer

    Students can use this versatile graphic organizer to order events in fiction or nonfiction texts.

  • Using Primary Sources

    Learn to work with primary sources by decoding the names, facts, and numbers in old memoirs, interviews and records.

  • Women in History: Queen Victoria

    Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire for 63 important years. Students can read about Victoria's life in this history worksheet.

  • Easter Island

    Sail away to the exotic and mysterious Easter Island!

  • Pre-Read with Nonfiction Text Features

    During this pre-reading exercise, your students will rely on nonfiction text features and their own background knowledge to gather information.

  • Primary Sources: Joe DiMaggio

    Learn to extract information from sources with this handy worksheet, perfect for Little Leaguers and baseball fans.

  • Endangered Species: Sumatran Rhinoceros

    Help your child read this page about the Sumatran rhinoceros, where he can color an illustration as he learns about why this animal is endangered.

  • Amendments 11-27

    Kids research the constitutional amendments that were added after the Bill of Rights with this cool worksheet.

  • Monsoon Science

    Learn about the science behind one of nature's most awesome spectacles: monsoons.

  • Identifying Fact and Opinion

    Are chickens cute? Do orcas eat seals? In this reading exercise, students will be challenged to differentiate between statements of fact and opinion.

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon

    They don't make gardens like this anymore. More a combinaton amusement park and treasure trove, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were the spot to visit.

  • The Battle of Camden

    The Battle of Camden was a low point for the American forces in the Revolutionary War. Discover the errors made at the battle in this worksheet.