Fourth Grade Ela Grammar Worksheets


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  • Grammar Categorization

    Help your child sort out his parts of speech with this fun activity! He'll choose which word in each group does not match the others.

  • Pronoun Agreement 2

    This activity will give your students more practice matching possessive pronouns correctly.

  • Synonyms for Home

    How many words can you think of that mean "home"? Your fourth grader will learn 24 words that will add accuracy and intrigue to his writing.

  • Sentence Makeover 2

    Give a paragraph a beauty makeover! Take a paragraph this is choppy and create a more rhythmic and flowing paragraph.

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #4

    How many nouns and adjectives can your young reader find in these Christmas sentences? Help your child develop grammar skills with this Christmas worksheet.

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #10

    Get in the spirit with this Christmas nouns and adjectives worksheet. Your child will underline the nouns and adjectives in these festive holiday sentences.

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #2

    Get a great holiday review of some basic parts of speech as you prepare for Christmas! Your student can practice identifying nouns and adjectives.

  • Interjections! Word Search

    Woo hoo! Get excited about interjections with a loud and enthusiastic word search! Interjections are the most exciting part of speech. How many can you find?

  • Exploding the Moment

    Good writers also know how to slow down the action at just the right times to build suspense and pull the reader into the moment.

  • Synonyms for Pretty

    Vocabulary building is important at any age. With this worksheet, your child will learn 24 synonyms for pretty, and get to practice them.

  • Thanksgiving Parts of Speech

    Give grammar practice a fun Thanksgiving spin with this worksheet, where your student will identify the different parts of speech that make up the sentences.

  • Interesting Adjectives

    Adjectives turn ordinary sentences into exciting adventures. Dress up the sentences in this worksheet and transform your writing from plain to fancy!

  • Synonyms for Girl

    Improving vocabulary is an important step to improve writing and reading comprehension. Help your child learn to use synonyms with this practice sheet.

  • Crafting Imagery

    Show students how vivid a well-written description can be and then let them create imagery of their own.

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #3

    Stay spirited this holiday season as you help your beginning writer review some basic parts of speech!

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #7

    Is your little gingerbread boy or girl in need of some grammar practice? Try this Christmas-themed nouns and adjectives worksheet for some holiday fun.

  • Adjectives Beginning with "B"

    Help your brainy child build a better vocabulary with these fun exercises. She'll learn a few new words, and get some practice using adjectives.

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #5

    Stay in the spirit of Christmas while reviewing parts of speech! Each festive sentence is full of nouns and adjectives; can your kid identify which is which?

  • Easter Creative Writing #9

    Little Easter Bunnies, get out your creative thinking caps and delve into this Easter writing prompt. Can you think up the best Easter egg hunt?

  • Adjectives Starting with "A"

    All of these awesome words begin with "A" and describe astounding nouns! Help your fourth grader recognize adjectives that start with the letter "A".

  • Synonyms for Boy

    When is it appropriate to say "dude" or "gentleman" instead of "boy?" Explore the subtleties of synonyms with this vocabulary worksheet.

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #8

    Find the nouns and adjectives in these Christmas sentences. Your beginning writer can hone his grammar skills with this festive worksheet.

  • Synonyms for Store

    Can you think of a better word to use instead of "store"? Your student will expand his vocabulary by exploring different word choices, or synonyms.

  • Christmas Nouns and Adjectives #9

    Stay in the spirit of Christmas while reviewing parts of speech! These sentences are full of nouns and adjectives; can your child identify which is which?