First Grade Social Studies Holidays Worksheets


Below is list of all worksheets available under this concept. Worksheets are organized based on the concept with in the subject.

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  • Month of January

    Can your third grader guess what month is being concealed from a couple of that month's symbols and a jumble of letters?

  • Valentine Word Search

    Celebrate Valentine's Day by searching for themed words hidden within this puzzle.

  • Connect the Dots: Draw Lincoln's Hat!

    Ask your kindergartener to connect the dots on this paper, and he will make Abraham Lincoln's favorite accessory appear!

  • Color the Dragon Dancers

    At Chinese New Year parades, participants often celebrate by building dragon and lion characters to dance under. How many dancers are under this dragon?

  • Color the Seder Plate

    Help your child learn more about the traditions of Passover with this coloring page of a typical Seder plate.

  • Thanksgiving Words

    Learn Thanksgiving words with this holiday worksheet. Write Thanksgiving words that match pictures to build vocabulary and practice handwriting.

  • Color the Valentine's Day Picture

    This simple coloring page features an adorable Valentine's Day Bear and a simple message explaining what Valentine's Day is all about.

  • Latkes: What Comes First?

    In this Hanukkah worksheet, your child will learn about making latkes. This is a good way to introduce your child to the cuisine of other cultures.

  • Month of March

    Your first grader will have a blast with this entertaining printable that asks him to guess the month of the year when given clues and jumbled letters.

  • Thanksgiving Match Up

    Your early reader will have fun matching the pictures with the names with this colorful and fun matching worksheet all about Thanksgiving!

  • Giving Thanks

    Feeling grateful is what Thanksgiving is all about! Let your first grader express his gratitude with a fun drawing activity.

  • St. Patrick's Day Jokes

    Looking for a good list of Saint Patrick's Day jokes? Well click right here!

  • Veterans Day Coloring Page

    Veterans Day honors the men and women who served in the armed forces. Remember these heroes this November 11th and say thanks to the veterans in your life.

  • Day of the Dead Skull

    Want to make a Day of the Dead skull this year, but don't actually want to, you know, make one? Try this paper version of a sugar skull!

  • Back to School Name Tag

    These sporty name tags are perfect for back to school journals, field trips, first day in class or during parties.

  • Happy Birthday Earth! Color the Earth Day Scene

    Get your kids in the eco spirit with a fun Earth Day coloring page.

  • Letter to Santa

    This snowman stationery is a great template for your child to write his letter to Santa! Plus, it's lined to help your child work on his handwriting skills.

  • Diwali Coloring Page

    This year, say happy Diwali with this beautiful coloring page featuring the goddess Lakshmi.

  • Easy Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

    Learning about Thanksgiving? Have your first grader fill in this colorful crossword puzzle with words associated with this thankful holiday!

  • Holiday Letter Template

    Is your child excited to write his letter to Santa? Here is a printable letter page, where he can write his Christmas wishes, and then color a picture!

  • Some Bunny Loves You

    Who loves you, Valentine? Celebrate Valentine's Day with this adorable little fluffy bunny that has a special message for special friends and family members.

  • Month of September

    This worksheet asks your first grader to identify the month on this worksheet. He'll unscramble the word and use the hints for help!

  • Month of July

    Can your first grader guess which month we celebrate independence? The fun work scramble will help him out!

  • Christmas Stationery Template

    This candy cane stationery will surely get your child in the Christmas mood. He can use this letter page to write to Santa or to family members.