First Grade Math Subtraction Worksheets


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  • Practice Test: Word Problems

    This quick practice test offers simple addition and subtraction word problems to help your first grader review.

  • Simple Addition and Subtraction

    Lend your first grader a hand with beginning math. She'll practice both addition and subtraction with both vertical and horizontal equations.

  • Single-Digit Subtraction

    Practice makes perfect! Engage your first grader in some super, single-digit subtraction problems so she strengthens her math skills.

  • Find the Math Path

    Give your child practice with his math skills with this printable worksheet, which is all about subtraction and addition.

  • Math Fact: Relationship Between Addition & Subtraction

    Kids add, subtract, or use math facts they have committed to memory to fill in the missing numbers in the fact families on this third grade math worksheet.

  • Fact Family Houses

    This fact family worksheet gets kids to add and subtract. In this fact family worksheet, third graders will fill in the missing numbers in fact family houses.

  • Adding and Subtracting: What's the Word? 1

    Kids solve addition and subtraction problems with one- and two-digit numbers to crack the code and find the mystery word on this first grade math worksheet.

  • Subtraction Under the Sea

    Keep your first grade math whiz sharp with this ocean-themed worksheet practicing single-digit subtraction.

  • Simple Math Word Problems

    Your first grader will get some practice with beginning word problems as he puts together some tasty burgers.

  • Problem Solving: Adding Apples

    Even in nature, solving story problems is important. How many apples will be left on a tree if seven are picked?

  • Color by Simple Subtraction

    Who's hiding in the subtraction problems? Use your super subtraction skills to find out which colors to add to the drawing!

  • Frosty Fact Families: Addition and Subtraction

    Practice addition and subtraction with this fact families worksheet. Your 1st grader will be more prepared for school after the break!

  • Subtraction Color by Number

    Someone help this elephant! He's lost all his color, and he doesn't know how to get it back. Use subtraction to come to the elephant's rescue!

  • Subtracting with Stars

    Need to add some sparkle to your child's subtraction practice? Let the stars guide your math whiz as he tackles 12 problems amidst the stars.

  • Pizza Math

    Help Quinn order the right amount of pizza for his party! Use your knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve each word problem.

  • Practice Test: Math Facts to 18

    Covering addition and subtraction facts up to 18, this quick practice test offers a great review.

  • Animal Addition: Problem Solving

    Looking for a first grade worksheet to help your child with his math skills? This printable is all about solving word problems with animal addition.

  • Word Problem Challenge

    Practice two digit addition and subtraction down on the farm with these challenging word problems.

  • Problem Solving: Subtracting Sea Life

    Help your child with his math skills with this printable worksheet that asks him to develop a logical sequence for baking a cake.

  • What's the Answer? Addition and Subtraction

    Looking to test your kid's addition and subtraction skills? Ask him to help this elf find the correct answer to each problem.

  • Subtraction Number Line

    Your student will visualize the subtraction problem by counting spaces on the number line.

  • At the Grocery Store: Addition and Subtraction

    Help your child with his math skills with this printable worksheet that asks him to solve story problems.

  • Addition Number Stories

    Practice addition from a different approach with these number stories. Find the addition equation in each word problem.

  • Easy Word Problems

    Numbers and math are everywhere, even on pizza! Add and subtract pizza toppings with these simple word problems for beginners.