First Grade Math Money Math Worksheets


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  • Learn the Coins: The Dime

    Kids learn all about dimes on this fun-filled printable. They also get writing, coloring, and even counting practice.

  • Learn the Coins: The Penny

    On this penny printable, kids practice tracing letters, counting coins, and they even get to do some fun coloring, too.

  • Practice Test: Counting Money

    Test your first grader's money mastery with this practice quiz featuring questions on coin value, counting coins and money word problems.

  • Learn the Coins: The Nickel

    Which coin is worth five cents? The nickel, of course! Teach your child about the five cent piece with a fun activity-filled worksheet.

  • Learn the Coins: The Quarter

    Which coin features our first president? Kids learn as they also practice tracing, counting, and coloring the fabulous quarter.

  • Printable Money

    Help your child learn to recognize U.S. dollars and coins with these printable money cut outs!

  • Money Practice

    Help Dennis Duck by counting up the coins in each group and marking the correct value.

  • Money Word Problems #1

    These word problem worksheets on money will have your 1st-grader making change in no time.

  • Counting Dimes

    Kids learn the appearance and value of dimes, count dimes, and write the number of cents for the dimes on this first grade math worksheet.

  • Counting Coins to Get Ready for School

    Scissors? Check! Glue? Check! This worksheet has school supplies and math practice. Kids see key supplies for school, and groups of coins representing price.

  • Counting By Tens: Dimes

    Introduce your first grader to counting by tens with dimes with this worksheet.

  • Money Quiz

    Count up the coins to win big in this money quiz! Kids will get great practice doing fill-in-the-bubble style quizzes.

  • Counting Coin Practice

    It's time to count the coins! Practice adding up coin values with your youngster.

  • Counting Pennies

    Kids learn the appearance and value of pennies, count pennies, and write the number of cents for the pennies on this first grade math worksheet.

  • Counting Quarters

    Counting quarters is simple once you learn how. Practice counting quarters with your child using this math worksheet.

  • How Much Does It Cost? #1

    Little shoppers, here's a coin-counting challenge! Add up the coins to find out how much each of these items costs.

  • Money Match: What's the Price?

    Test your first grader's money sense by helping her count up the coins and write the amount on the price tag.

  • Counting Coins at the Fruit Stand

    In this worksheet, kids read the cost of fruit, then count coins to match each type of fruit with the coins needed to buy it.

  • Counting Coins at the Bake Sale

    Maybe you've been to a bake sale, but you've never seen prices like these! Kids will read the prices of desserts then count coins needed to buy each treat.

  • Money Word Problems #5

    Walter, Tabitha, and Dean need help calculating how much money they have. Have your child solve these money math word problems to find the total sums of money.

  • Penny, Nickel, Dime Word Problems

    Help your first grader learn how to compare penny, nickel and dime coin values with this word problem worksheet.

  • Shopping: Money Math Word Problems

    Help Sam figure out how much his lunch costs! Money math word problems are great for addition practice as well as learning the concept of money.

  • Comparing Money Amounts #1

    With these busy, colorful worksheets, kids can get a grasp on money-counting and sequential order when dealing with decimals.

  • Counting Money: Chinese New Year

    Start the lunar new year off right by giving your child's math skills a boost with this colorful coin-counting activity.