First Grade Math Fractions Worksheets


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  • Fraction Practice: Find 1/2

    This first grade math worksheet will help your child master the fraction 1/2. Your child will circle the number of items that equals one half.

  • Fraction Practice: Find 1/4

    Help your child master the fraction 1/4 with this cheerful first grade math worksheet. Your child will figure out how many items equals one fourth of the group.

  • Coloring Fractions: Sweets

    Sweeten up fraction practice with a little coloring page full of ice cream, cupcakes, and donuts. Kids learn fractions by coloring the sweets by the fractions.

  • Coloring Fractions: Plants

    Help kids understand fractions visually. As they color in the plants according to the fractions, they'll see that fractions are just parts of a whole.