First Grade Ela Writing Process Worksheets


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  • Stretch a Sentence

    Stretch those writing skills with this "stretch a sentence" activity! Little writers will learn to expand on an idea by adding more details to a sentence.

  • Stretching Sentences

    Flex those writing skills with these clever prompts. Practice stretching sentences by adding details of who, what, when and where!

  • Sentence Starters

    Boost your child's writing skills with these simple sentence starters for beginning writers!

  • Read About Plurals

    It’s time to explore plural nouns! With this worksheet, students will practice reading sentences while touching each word, then analyze the plural nouns in the sentences.

  • Sentence Skills Practice

    Stretch a sentence with these clever prompts! Kids will learn all about sentence structure as they come up with ways to expand the sentence.

  • Writing Ideas

    It's time to brainstorm! Use this worksheet to help budding writers generate a list of ideas and topics for future stories, as well as give students a chance to practice their letter and word spacing.

  • The Best Sentences That Ever Were

    Help students practice their handwriting while writing these sentences as neat as can be. Students will also get a chance to practice counting the number of words in each sentence.

  • Write It Again!

    Let's get silly! Use this worksheet to help your students practice counting words and improving their handwriting while writing out these silly sentences.

  • Brainzy Presents: Floyd and Roly's Amazing Adventures

    Floyd and Roly are best friends and neighbors! Help your child stretch his writing skills with this fill-in-the-speech-bubbles worksheet.

  • My Family

    Inspire your students to write a poem about what they love most, their families! Help your students hone their poetry writing skills by writing a list poem about their families.

  • Sentence Practice

    How far can you stretch these sentences? Give your young writer a creativity boost with this clever sentence practice sheet.

  • After School Story

    In this worksheet, students will write a story about their recent history using important storytelling words like first, next, after, and finally. Challenge your students to write an interesting ending!

  • Trace the Transitions… Then End Strong!

    With this printable worksheet, students practice writing transition words and identify strong endings for stories.

  • Careful Counting, Careful Writing

    Help students practice their handwriting while rewriting these sentences as neatly as possible. Students will also get to practice counting the number of words in each sentence.

  • Story Planning Worksheet

    A fictional story has many parts that require planning. Young writers will love using this planning sheet to plan out their setting, characters, problem, solution, and choose a title.

  • Story Board

    Young writers will love using this planning sheet to plan out their very own fairy tale. It includes sections for planning the characters, setting, and three parts of the story.

  • Strong Endings

    Kiss “The End” goodbye! This activity gets students to practice using more interesting story endings.

  • Peer Review: Adjectives

    It’s more fun to revise with a partner! After writing personal narratives, have students share their writing with a partner. Partners should identify at least three parts in the narrative where three descriptive details could be added.

  • Brainzy Presents: The Amazing Adventures of Super Floyd and Officer Ice Cream

    Super Floyd and Officer Ice Cream are off on an adventure! Help the dynamic duo save the day by filling in their speech bubbles.

  • Adjective Inventory

    Want students to add more pizazz to their narratives? Encourage them to use descriptive details! Have students read over their writing and identify how many adjectives they used. Then challenge them to add in at least five more adjectives.

  • Add More Details!

    Great writing is in the details! As students revise their narrative writing, encourage them to use more descriptive details. This worksheet helps students dig deeper and revise their writing to include more adjectives.

  • Animal Poems

    This activity encourages your students to write a poem about their favorite animals! Help your students hone their poetry writing skills using this list poem template.

  • Adding Details

    Get ready to revise! Something as simple as adding details can really breathe life into boring sentences! Help students improve their writing as they use details to bring simple sentences to life.

  • Convince Me: Persuasive Writing Practice

    It's never too early to start planning for your future! After imagining what their lives will be like at age 25, students write persuasive letters to their parents asking for their support.