First Grade Ela Letter Sound Relationships Worksheets


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  • Color by Short Vowel Sound

    Help your first grader practice sounding out short vowels with a fun coloring activity.

  • Words That Begin with "E"

    Using sight words, help your beginning reader master words that start with the letter "E". She will strengthen her vocabulary by matching pictures to words.

  • Short Vowel Sounds

    Review short vowels from a to u with this word match worksheet.

  • Long Vowel Sounds

    What makes a long vowel long? Review the long vowel sounds with your beginning reader.

  • Learning Long Vowels: Long E

    First graders practice recognizing long e by coloring the pictures that have a long e sound.

  • Long Vowels: Long A in Train

    Introduce your first grader to ai words with this long vowels worksheet.

  • Phonics Practice Test: Vowel Sounds

    Gear up for a phonics quiz with this nifty practice test covering short and long vowel sounds.

  • Long "O"

    Review the long o sound and practice reading long o words with your first grader with help from this phonics worksheet.

  • Short "A" Sounds Color Puzzle

    Help your child learn vowels and improve his reading skills with this printable worksheet that focuses short "a" sounds.

  • Learning Long Vowels: A to U

    Kids find the words that match the long vowel given in this phonics worksheet.

  • Fun with Alliteration

    Aren't alliterations awesome? Have a little phonics fun by finishing these alliterations.

  • Silent "E" Word List

    Using pictures as clues, kids unscramble the jumbled words, gaining practice with long vowel sounds and silent "E" on this first grade phonics worksheet.

  • Long O Word Search

    Help your child learn vowels and improve his spelling skills with this printable worksheet that's all about the vowel sound of the long O.

  • Sounding It Out: Ai Vowel Pair

    Help your first grader get to know words with the vowel pair ai, and sneak in some writing practice while you're at it.

  • Words That Begin with "K"

    Using sight words, help your beginning reader master words that begin with the letter "K". He'll strengthen his vocabulary and spelling as he goes!

  • Early Reading Building Block 4: Short Vowel Sounds

    Ramp up your early reader's phonics skills with these picture matching printables all about short vowel sounds.

  • Long "A": Word Search

    What words have long "A" sounds? This word search will help your child improve his reading skills as he grows familiar with the vowel sound of the long A.

  • Long Vowel Practice

    Time for some long vowel practice! Go over all the vowels from A to U, and decide which words have the matching vowel sound and circle them!

  • Long Vowel "U"

    Can you tell which words have a long "U" sound? Here's a helpful clue: the long "U" vowels make the sound of the letter "U"!

  • Long "I" Word Search

    Give your child practice with the long I sound. This printable worksheet will improve his reading as he completes a word search.

  • Short Vowels Quiz

    Can you tell the difference between a short vowel sound and a long vowel sound? Get a great review with this fill-in-the-bubble quiz.

  • Ou and Ow

    Vowel blends can be tricky for beginning spellers! Sort out your "ou" and "ow" sounds by filling in the blanks to finish these words.

  • Long o Words

    Help your first grader get acquainted with long o words with this phonics worksheet. He'll learn letter patterns from the oe in doe to the oa in goat.

  • Long "E" Sounds Word Search

    Looking for a worksheet to help your child learn vowels? This printable worksheet will improve his skills as he find words with the long "E" sounds.