Fifth Grade Science Physical Science Worksheets


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  • Scientific Method Steps

    Is your child baffled by the scientific method? Dr. McSquare is here to help! Learn the steps by helping the doctor organize his lab reports.

  • Newton's First Law

    Why do we wear our seat belts in the car? Newton's first law of motion, or the law of inertia, explains that objects in motion stay in motion!

  • What is Sound?

    Did you know that sound is actually caused by movement? Vibrations of particles create the sound that we hear.

  • History of the Periodic Table

    The periodic table of the elements is an important classification system of the most basic particles that make up our world!

  • Sort Out the Scientific Method #1

    Dr. McSquare needs help sorting out his lab reports. Can your child read each item, then label it with the correct scientific method step?

  • Chemistry of Fireworks

    Don't let school year learning slip away this summer: use this chemistry worksheet to practice identifying elements.

  • Law of Gravity

    Discover some of the fascinating properties of gravity by studying one of Newton's famous laws, the Law of Gravitation.

  • Condensation and Evaporation

    What is the difference between condensation and evaporation? Learn about natural cooling and heating processes that are caused by changing states of matter!

  • Physical and Chemical Changes

    Teach your little scientist the difference between physical and chemical changes, on a molecular level.

  • Newton's Second Law

    Why is it harder to throw a bowling ball than it is to throw a beach ball? The answer is in Newton's second law of motion!

  • Winter Olympics: Figure Skating

    This physics of figure skating worksheet teaches kids about angular momentum and moment of inertia by using the example of a spinning figure skater.

  • How to Read the Periodic Table

    The periodic table of the elements is full of helpful information. Figure out how to read the periodic table with this helpful guide.

  • Atom Diagram

    Practice diagramming atoms and using the periodic table to pull information about atoms with this quiz page.

  • What is Energy?

    Energy is a crucial part of physical science! All things on Earth have energy, whether it's potential or kinetic.

  • All About Magnets

    If your scientist is mad for magnets, let him explore a few fun facts about magnetism with this physics page!

  • Speed of Sound

    How fast does sound travel? Help your child figure out the physics of sound waves with this informative worksheet.

  • Science Review: Chemical Vs. Physical Properties

    After your child fills in this review sheet on chemical and physical properties, it's a good idea to hold onto it for future test review!

  • Winter Olympics: Ice Hockey

    This worksheet teaches kids about the physics of hockey, applying principles of classical mechanics to an effective slapshot.

  • Master the Periodic Table of Elements #1

    Your fifth grader is the only hope for finding the missing information from these elements of the periodic table.

  • Winter Olympics: Snowboarding

    Kids can use this physics of snowboarding worksheet to learn about velocity and torque while trying out a fun physics experiment of their own!

  • Winter Olympics: Bobsled

    Learn about drag, air resistance, and Newton's laws with this cool worksheet on bobsled physics!

  • Physical Science Review: Properties of Metal

    A handy worksheet that breaks down the properties of metal. A good physical science review sheet to keep around for reference.

  • Kilograms to Pounds

    Learn all about how to convert kilograms to pounds in this weight conversion worksheet.

  • Winter Olympics: Short Track Speed Skating

    This cool physics worksheet helps kids learn how centripetal force and centrifugal force can explain why short track speed skaters don't fall over during turns.