Fifth Grade Math Geometry Worksheets


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  • Geometry Review: Angles and Polygons

    Fifth graders review types of angles, triangles, and polygons in this handy geometry review.

  • Calculating Volume

    his worksheet gives kids practice in calculating volume, a basic skill for geometry and upper-level math.

  • Rectangle Algebra: Find the Missing Length

    Introduce your child to algebra with this 5th grade worksheet in which your child will use algebraic equations to find the missing length of each rectangle.

  • Mystery Picture Graph #1

    Have a little fun with graphing practice in the big city! Math students will love plotting points on this coordinate grid as they see a mystery picture emerge.

  • Grid Drawing

    The coordinate plane just got a little spookier! Can you graph these coordinates to reveal the hidden picture?

  • Angle Practice

    This fun puzzle provides lots of angle practice for your child. Can he figure out which way the boat is facing after the last turn?

  • Coordinate Plane

    This coordinate plane worksheet challenges budding mathematicians to find coordinates and translate shapes. Try our coordinate plane worksheet with your kid.

  • Coordinate Challenge: Treasure Hunt!

    Kids gain a better understanding of identifying points and graphing on the coordinate plane with this treasure hunt coordinate worksheet.

  • Rectangle Algebra: Find the Total Area I

    Introduce your child to algebra with this 5th grade worksheet in which your child will use algebraic equations to find the total area of the large rectangle.

  • Shape Up with Geometry

    Assess kids' understanding of geometry with this sheet.

  • Coordinate Challenge: Fill in the Ordered Pairs

    This cheerful worksheet is sure to help your fifth grader tackle ordered pairs and coordinates.

  • Volume and Stacks

    What makes this box perfect? Students will calculate the volume of the box, and other calculations using rectangular prisms.

  • Categorizing Quadrilaterals

    Teach your students to classify types of quadrilaterals - like trapezoids and parallelograms - based on their features.

  • Modeling Rectangular Prisms

    With this activity, students will model a rectangular prism and calculate its volume. Use this worksheet to introduce, reinforce, and review geometry skills like modeling and solving.

  • Coordinate Plane Word Problems

    Challenge your students to read and interpret information in the first quadrant.

  • Multiplying with Area Model

    Students will use what they know about area to multiply two-digit factors.

  • Mystery Picture Graph #2

    This mysterious math sheet is full of fun for your geometry student! He'll plot these points on a coordinate grid to reveal a picture.

  • Calculate the Area

    Count Calloway is having trouble with his dungeon remodel, and he desperately needs some help from a measuring master.

  • Modeling Rectangular Prisms 2

    Help your students visualize rectangular prisms with this exercise. Students will practice modeling rectangular prisms and calculating the volume of each shape using the formula.

  • Categorize These Shapes!

    Strengthen your child's geometry skills with this printable worksheet. Use this resource with your students to classify two-dimensional shapes like parallelograms, quadrilaterals, squares, and triangles.

  • An Introduction to Area

    Introduce your students to the basics of area!

  • Rectangle Algebra: Find the Missing Width

    To complete this worksheet, your child will use basic algebraic equations to find the missing width measurement of each rectangle.

  • Angle Puzzle

    Take to the seas for your child's next geometry lesson with this fun math sheet that's all about angles.

  • An Introduction to Surface Area

    Introduce your students to the concept of surface area with this concrete teaching tool.