Fifth Grade Math Fractions Worksheets


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  • Subtracting Mixed Numbers

    Fractions got your student in a funk? With these worksheets, he'll learn there's no need to fear fractions!

  • Subtracting Mixed Fractions #3

    Fractions got your student in a funk? With this worksheet, you can show him there's no need to fear fractions!

  • Illustrating Mixed Number Products as Area Models

    Use this resource to teach your students to illustrate a whole number multiplied by a fraction with area models.

  • Make Mixed Fractions 2!

    Is your fifth grader learning to convert improper fractions to mixed fractions? Colorful and straightforward this printable keeps math practice fun.

  • Mixed Number Subtraction Model Mat

    Your students will use this placemat to demonstrate subtracting mixed numbers by modeling the minuend, subtracting the subtrahend, and modeling the difference.

  • Mixed Number Subtraction Models

    Combine fractions and shapes to help your students visualize subtracting mixed numbers.

  • Make Mixed Fractions 1!

    Want to improve your 5th grader's math skills? Straightforward practice on a colorful printable keeps learning fun; converting improper fractions in a snap.

  • Improper Fraction Skills Practice #4

    Is your child getting mixed up by mixed fractions? Help him practice converting them into improper fractions with this practice worksheet.

  • Recipe Fractions #9

    Mix math up by combining cooking and fractions! Your little star will practice multiplying fractions that are part of a recipe.

  • Improper Fraction Skills Practice #5

    Converting mixed fractions to improper fractions can be a dizzying task at first. This worksheet helps your child get through the process in a simple way.

  • Subtracting Improper Fractions #3

    Pump up your math muscles with these fraction-busting worksheets.

  • Adding Improper Fractions #2

    Add improper fractions together with this colorful math worksheet. Your child will add alongside a cheerful jester.

  • Improper Fraction Skills Practice #2

    Is your child mystified by mixed fractions? Show him they're not so bad with these quick practice sheets.

  • Area Models: Fraction Products 3

    Are your students stuck on multiplying fractions? Provide them with a visual strategy to conquer tricky multiplication problems.

  • Recipe Fractions #6

    Fraction practice can be fun when you add food into the mix! Your child will multiply fractions to change the amounts of ingredients in a recipe.

  • Make Mixed Fractions 4!

    Keep learning interesting as your child converts improper fractions to mixed ones with a colorful worksheet and a simple example problem.

  • Subtraction Solution Models

    Uh oh! What happens when dad comes home and eats the leftover pizza? Students will practice solving word problems that require mixed number subtraction by using visual solution models.

  • Make Mixed Fractions 3!

    Help your fifth grader sharpen her math skills with this printable. A colorful design keeps learning fun as she converts improper fractions to mixed ones.

  • Solving Mixed Number Word Problems with Bar Diagrams

    This helpful worksheet shows students how to solve mixed number problems with bar diagram solutions. Give your students practice with these illustrative organizers for fun-to-read word problems.

  • Rounding to the Nearest Whole Number

    Does your little mathematician know how to round mixed numbers up or down? This worksheet shows her how.

  • Recipe Fractions #10

    Stir up a fun math activity with foodie fraction multiplication! Use a real recipe to practice multiplying fractions.

  • Recipe Fractions #8

    Have some fun with fractions in the kitchen! Your little mathematician can be a little chef too, as he practices multiplying ingredient amounts with fractions.

  • Subtracting Improper Fractions #2

    Pump up your math muscles by tackling this fraction-busting worksheet.

  • Recipe Fractions #7

    Practice multiplying fractions using a real recipe. Your child will have a chance to learn about food as she learns about math.