Fifth Grade Ela Word Structure Worksheets


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  • Advanced Grammar: Suffixes

    This suffixes worksheet helps your child identify and create words with suffixes. This suffixes worksheet helps your child develop reading and writing skills.

  • Winter Crossword

    Does your fifth grader know how to spell Kwanzaa? What about Hanukkah? This challenging crossword will have him puzzling over all things winter.

  • 5th Grade Vocabulary Crossword

    If your 5th grade is crazy for crosswords, she'll be pleased with this offering.

  • Christmas Crossword

    Put your child's Christmas knowledge to the test with a challenging crossword puzzle all about this fun winter holiday.

  • Onomatopoeia Comic Word Search

    An onomatopoeia is a word that imitates the sound it's describing. Search through this word search to find each comic book onomatopoeia!

  • Suffix Clues

    With a few clues and some common suffixes, your students will practice transforming words.

  • Words with Prefixes

    Learn all about root words and prefixes, then try your hand at defining them, in this quick and easy practice activity about words with prefixes.

  • Job Word Scramble

    What will you be when you grow up? Have fun reviewing different career words with this word scramble!

  • Spotting Something Strange

    With this worksheet, students will identify and correct errors in verb shifts.

  • Consonant Conundrum

    Help your child fill in the blanks with this fun worksheet, which challenges your child to find the missing consonants to complete the sentence.

  • Spelling Squiggles

    Mirroring an electronic format, this worksheet gives students practice in evaluating spelling suggestions given in word processing and making corrections to selected words.

  • Name That Verb!

    If your students need an extra challenge, ask them to match up matching irregular verbs and use these verbs in context!

  • Fossils and Extinct Animals Wordsearch

    Dinosaurs and other creatures don't exist anymore! Learn the names of some extinct animals, and look for them in this fun wordsearch puzzle.

  • Animal Crossword: Cold-Blooded Animals

    What's the animal that swims upstream? Help your child figure this out with this cold-blooded animal crossword puzzle worksheet.

  • Four Letter Anagrams

    What's in a word? Sometimes an anagram! Teach your child some wild wordplay with this anagrams worksheet.

  • Extinct Animals and Fossils Crossword

    What's that bird that is extinct? Fill in this answer and use other clues to complete the worksheet. Learn about extinct animals as you go!

  • Word Combos

    Give your students practice combining words to create hyphenated compound words and contractions.

  • Add a Vowel Word Game

    Start with a word (like "cat") and add a vowel (like "o") to make a new word (like "coat") in this cool word game.

  • Prefix Pieces

  • Freshwater Fish Crossword Puzzle

    Use clues to fill in the boxes in this crossword puzzle, and learn more about freshwater fish along the way.

  • Prefix Pond

    With this worksheet focused on prefixes, students will sort out similar words, deconstruct words to locate the prefixes, and find the meaning of each word.

  • Suffix Sleuth

    As suffix sleuths, your students will explore changes in words that include suffix additions. They will practice identifying the two similar words and explaining the different meanings of the words.

  • Syllable Break-up

    How about giving your students some practice breaking up complex words into corresponding syllables?

  • Pairing Up Words

    Give your students practice with an important fifth grade language arts skill: Combining words to form contractions and hyphenated compound words.