RSA NCS CAPS Grade 5 Second Additional Language English Curriculum

In Grades 4 to 6, learners start to build their oral and literacy skills. They also apply the oral and literacy skills they have already learned in their Home and First Additional Languages. By the time learners enter Grade 7, they should try to communicate in their Second Additional Language at both interpersonal and social levels. However, the reality is that many learners still cannot communicate well in their Additional Language at this stage.

The challenge in Grades 4-6, therefore, is to provide support for these learners at the same time as providing a curriculum that enables learners to meet the standards required in further grades. These standards must be such that learners can use their additional language at a level of proficiency to prepare them for further or higher education or the world of work.

The Second Additional Language level assumes that learners do not necessarily have any knowledge of the language when they arrive at school. The focus upon exposure to Second Additional Language is on developing learners’ ability to understand and speak the language - basic interpersonal communication skills.

Spreads Of Texts Across Grades 4-6

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